compatible FGG 0B 302 - 326 2pin to 26pin connectors

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
onnectors provide 2-26pins
TOUCH 1BHTN05P 1BTZN05P connectors, TOUCH 1BHTN05P 1BTZN05P connectors
1.Medical Electronics 2.Test and Laboratory 3.Industrial Controls etc.
Shell Material:
Copper alloy with chrome plated
Insulator Material:
Contact Material:
Copper alloy plated with gold
Above 5000 circles mating
- 50 Celsius Degree ~ +200Celsius Degree
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Standard packing
Lead Time :
3 days

TOUCH FGG 0B connectors     


B Series connector with the following main features: 

1.Smart push-pull self-latching system;

2. Multicore types with 2 to 26 pins;

3. Solder or PCB contacts (straight or elbow); 

4. High-density installation for space-saving; 

5. Different kinds of keying options to avoid mismatching;

6.The right direction shielding effect, anti-electromagnetic interference.



Second step:selecting the connectors's pins

SeriesMulti pinsLemo Part number For ExampleTOUCH Connector Part Number
002 pinFGG.00.302.CLAD**   EGG.00.302.CLL00BTTN02P**   00TZN02P
3 pinFGG.00.303.CLAD**   EGG.00.303.CLL00BTTN03P**   00TZN03P
4 pinFGG.00.304.CLAD**   EGG.00.304.CLL00BTTN04P**   00TZN04P
0B2 pinFGG.0B.302.CLAD**Z   EGG.0B.302.CLL0BHTN02P**N   0BTZN02P
3 pinFGG.0B.303.CLAD**Z   EGG.0B.303.CLL0BHTN03P**N   0BTZN03P
4 pinFGG.0B.304.CLAD**Z   EGG.0B.304.CLL0BHTN04P**N   0BTZN04P
5 pinFGG.0B.305.CLAD**Z   EGG.0B.305.CLL0BHTN05P**N   0BTZN05P
6 pinFGG.0B.306.CLAD**Z   EGG.0B.306.CLL0BHTN06P**N   0BTZN06P
9 pinFGG.0B.309.CLAD**Z   EGG.0B.309.CLL0BHTN09P**N   0BTZN09P
1B2 pinFGG.1B.302.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.302.CLL1BHTN02P**N   1BSZN02P
3 pinFGG.1B.303.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.303.CLL1BHTN03P**N   1BSZN03P
4 pinFGG.1B.304.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.304.CLL1BHTN04P**N   1BSZN04P
5 pinFGG.1B.305.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.305.CLL1BHTN05P**N   1BSZN05P
6 pinFGG.1B.306.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.306.CLL1BHTN06P**N   1BSZN06P
7 pinFGG.1B.307.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.307.CLL1BHTN07P**N   1BSZN07P
8 pinFGG.1B.308.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.308.CLL1BHTN08P**N   1BSZN08P
10 pinFGG.1B.310.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.310.CLL1BHTN10P**N   1BSZN10P
12 pinFGG.1B.312.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.312.CLL1BHTN12P**N   1BSZN12P
14 pinFGG.1B.314.CLAD**Z   ECG.1B.314.CLL1BHTN14P**N   1BSZN14P
2B2 pinFGG.2B.302.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.302.CLL2BHTN02P**N   2BSZN02P
3 pinFGG.2B.303.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.303.CLL2BHTN03P**N   2BSZN03P
4 pinFGG.2B.304.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.304.CLL2BHTN04P**N   2BSZN04P
5 pinFGG.2B.305.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.305.CLL2BHTN05P**N   2BSZN05P
6 pinFGG.2B.306.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.306.CLL2BHTN06P**N   2BSZN06P
8 pinFGG.2B.308.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.308.CLL2BHTN08P**N   2BSZN08P
10 pinFGG.2B.310.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.310.CLL2BHTN10P**N   2BSZN10P
12 pinFGG.2B.312.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.312.CLL2BHTN12P**N   2BSZN12P
14 pinFGG.2B.314.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.314.CLL2BHTN14P**N   2BSZN14P
16 pinFGG.2B.316.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.316.CLL2BHTN16P**N   2BSZN16P
19 pinFGG.2B.319.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.319.CLL2BHTN19P**N   2BSZN19P
26 pinFGG.2B.326.CLAD**Z   ECG.2B.326.CLL2BHTN26P**N   2BSZN26P
3B3 pinFGG.3B.303.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.303.CLL3BHTN03P**N   3BSZN03P
4 pinFGG.3B.304.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.304.CLL3BHTN04P**N   3BSZN04P
5 pinFGG.3B.305.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.305.CLL3BHTN05P**N   3BSZN05P
6 pinFGG.3B.306.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.306.CLL3BHTN06P**N   3BSZN06P
10 pinFGG.3B.310.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.310.CLL3BHTN10P**N   3BSZN10P
12 pinFGG.3B.312.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.312.CLL3BHTN12P**N   3BSZN12P
14 pinFGG.3B.314.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.314.CLL3BHTN14P**N   3BSZN14P
16 pinFGG.3B.316.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.316.CLL3BHTN16P**N   3BSZN16P
18 pinFGG.3B.318.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.318.CLL3BHTN18P**N   3BSZN18P
19 pinFGG.3B.319.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.319.CLL3BHTN19P**N   3BSZN19P
21 pinFGG.3B.321.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.321.CLL3BHTN21P**N   3BSZN21P
26 pinFGG.3B.326.CLAD**Z   ECG.3B.326.CLL3BHTN26P**N   3BSZN26P
                What we don’t have yet, we can build for you!


 If you have the requirement of cable and we can do it for you, or send us your calbes. we can do the cable assembly ( soldering and coating sleeve )for you.


Packaging Details: One product packed in one PVC bag,50pcs in one carton.(or as per your request)

Delivery Method:FedEx,DHL,UPS,EMS etc, or use your courier account


Important Applications:
1.Medical Electronics
2.Test and Laboratary
3.Measurement Instrumentation
4.Data and Telecom Systems
5.Audio and video Applications
6.Military and Aerospace
7.Industrial Controls
8.Nuclear Technology


Why Choose Us ?
1. We are the real factory 
2. We specialized in this area for 7 years.
3. We provide the high quality connectors and cable assembly with reasonable prices.




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